The Italian based publisher Deagostini, best known for its weekly magazines that include figures or cars to collect or parts of a modelkit, released for the British, German and Japanese market the “Build The Millenium Falcon” series.

Over a period of 2 years and in 100 issues subscribers (or people buying issues at news-stands) can build a 1:1 scale replica of the famous smugglers ship from Star wars. And with 1:1 scale I mean a same-size duplicate of the studio-model used to film both The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

This model is (for now) not available in the Netherlands. The issues are not for sale anywhere in the Netherlands and you cannot subscribe to the series either.

It is unclear if this model or the magazine-series ever will become available for the Dutch market.

After a long and arduous hunt I managed however to contact the British based company that packages the model-parts with the magazines and after some negotiations I seem to be able to finally get my hands on all the items to construct this beast!

I will try to get a weakly blog onto Youtube… each saturday I hope to offer a new video to the viewers following the build. First episodes were in Dutch, but after some requests I switched over to English from episode 9 and beyond.

If “Build the  Millenium Falcon” series will ever be officially published for the Dutch markets, I will anounce this as soon as I can!

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